Word Wednesday Not Quite Feeling It (Yet)

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, the holiday season is creeping up on us rather quickly. Here in Ontario, we’ve had our first snowfall and all of the requisite bad driving conditions that accompany it. It’s just over 2 weeks until Christmas and Hanukkah, because this is one of those magical years where both celebrations overlap.… Continue reading Word Wednesday Not Quite Feeling It (Yet)

Teaching your child with ASD about gifts

Photo Courtesy of Pete and Project 365 on Flickr

One of the most common questions I hear during the holiday season is “How do I teach my child gift etiquette?” Gift giving occasions with kids on the spectrum can be tricky to say the least. Gifts may overwhelm, kids may forget the social niceties we spend all year teaching them causing friends or relatives… Continue reading Teaching your child with ASD about gifts

Word Wednesday Holi-daze

As of today, there is one month left until Christmas, and only 12 days left until the beginning of Hanukkah. Tomorrow is US Thanksgiving and the traditional start to the holiday sales season happens Friday with the retail event known as Black Friday. Most of the people celebrate something in and around December / January… Continue reading Word Wednesday Holi-daze

A Month of Heartache

This is from last year - mum missed the lilac we had at our old house so 6 years ago I bought her a lilac bush for Mother's Day. It never really bloomed until after she passed away.

I used to love May.  It meant the school year was almost over, the days were still getting longer, the weather was (usually) getting warmer, and it meant I could plan a fun Mother’s Day gift for my mum. I love shopping for just the right gift for a person and mum was no exception.… Continue reading A Month of Heartache