Word Wednesday: Storms of Historic Proportions

This is what I think of every time I hear the words 'historical hurricane'.

It’s been awhile since I got really pedantic on here but it’s happening today. I was going to write this post last week but then decided that the issue really wasn’t *that* bad and just ranted a bit to some Facebook friends. In the past two days however, I’ve heard the phrase “historical storms” at… Continue reading Word Wednesday: Storms of Historic Proportions

Word Wednesday: I’m a Logophile and I’m Okay

This button pretty much says it all

First off, I’m sorry if I gave you a Monty Python earworm with the title. Actually no, I’m not sorry since the lumberjack song is one of my favourite Monty Python songs and if you haven’t heard it you need to go and click on the link right now. Go ahead, I’ll wait. It isn’t… Continue reading Word Wednesday: I’m a Logophile and I’m Okay

Word Wednesday – On Facing my Fears

A panorama I took before we went to get our skis.

I’m an overthinker. I like to weigh out decisions carefully, and make the best possible choice and even then I often second guess myself. I’m the person you want to plan your hike because I’ll have come up with solutions to problems that most people haven’t even considered.  I’m pretty self-aware about this though, so… Continue reading Word Wednesday – On Facing my Fears

Word Wednesday – Present Tense

My presents don't usually look this pretty. Image courtesy of Flickr user M01229

In case you’ve been living under a rock, last Friday was Black Friday and even though Canada doesn’t have the day off like many Americans (nice job getting a 4 day weekend for Thanksgiving by the way), we seem to have adopted the Black Friday shopping insanity. I’m all for a bargain, but getting up… Continue reading Word Wednesday – Present Tense

Word Wednesday – Losing Faith

It’s been a week since I woke up to the news that Donald Trump had won the US Presidential Election. I’d like to say the world is the same place in the week since, but that would be a lie. There have been protests. There has been fear. There have been many bad words. There… Continue reading Word Wednesday – Losing Faith