Word Wednesday Not Quite Feeling It (Yet)

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, the holiday season is creeping up on us rather quickly. Here in Ontario, we’ve had our first snowfall and all of the requisite bad driving conditions that accompany it. It’s just over 2 weeks until Christmas and Hanukkah, because this is one of those magical years where both celebrations overlap.… Continue reading Word Wednesday Not Quite Feeling It (Yet)

Word Wednesday – Present Tense

My presents don't usually look this pretty. Image courtesy of Flickr user M01229

In case you’ve been living under a rock, last Friday was Black Friday and even though Canada doesn’t have the day off like many Americans (nice job getting a 4 day weekend for Thanksgiving by the way), we seem to have adopted the Black Friday shopping insanity. I’m all for a bargain, but getting up… Continue reading Word Wednesday – Present Tense

Word Wednesday: It’s Fashionable!

I’m not the kind of girl who can spend a whole day at the mall. I don’t mind window shopping with a friend, but it’s not a solo activity I actively pursue (unless it’s at a board game store – then kiss the afternoon goodbye). While 95% of the time I’m a jeans and a… Continue reading Word Wednesday: It’s Fashionable!

Word Wednesday – In search of the ghost of Tom Thompson

The trees seem to just grow out of the bare rocks. There is so little soil that I'm constantly amazed more don't topple over into the lake.

It’s been a busy week around here. I spent most of the day Thursday and all day Friday and Saturday getting ready for Dad’s 60th birthday party at the cottage. Thursday I put in a full 8 hours of work writing for clients, packed the car for dad and the dog to leave for the… Continue reading Word Wednesday – In search of the ghost of Tom Thompson