Teaching Acceptance One Book at a Time

When I came online today, the first thing I saw were posts about the Ottawa Catholic School Board’s decision to limit access to the graphic novel Drama to kids in middle and high school only because a few parents were concerned that there is a same sex kiss depicted – and all the ahem drama the… Continue reading Teaching Acceptance One Book at a Time

The Power of NO

In the last decade, a plethora of business and self- improvement books have cropped up – all either extolling the virtues of saying yes or purporting to teach you how to get others to say yes to you. Always the contrarian, I’m going to spend some time explaining why saying ‘no’ has opened my life… Continue reading The Power of NO

Sensitive Santas Around Ontario

I’ve written before about how Christmas can be a tough time for kids on the spectrum, or kids who have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), or kids with a host of other special needs that make typical holiday events such as visiting Santa Claus at the local mall almost impossible. In the past two years, more… Continue reading Sensitive Santas Around Ontario

Travel Tuesday #JennDoesTheCapital (part II)

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My last #JennDoesTheCapital post was predominantly about the beer – and though I enjoyed quite a few very nice beers over the course of my trip, they weren’t the focus of the next few days. After my exciting trip into the city, and the Beer Clock with dinner, I was ready for bed. Driving is… Continue reading Travel Tuesday #JennDoesTheCapital (part II)