Football Friday – it’s What We’re Made Of

The front of the shirt is beautiful and simple.

Two weeks ago, the town of Charlottesville Virginia was the location of a rally by members of the so called “white nationalist” movement (really a white supremacist movement) over the proposed removal of a Confederate statue. A peaceful counter protest was organized for the next day as the alt, and one of the people from… Continue reading Football Friday – it’s What We’re Made Of

Word Wednesday – All Good Things Must (Eventually) End

Pregame Shenanigans

It’s no secret that change is hard for me. I like the familiar, I find comfort in routine. I’m an introvert by every definition of the word so I don’t like big groups of new people so once I’ve joined a social activity, I’m likely to stick to it because the initial investment was so… Continue reading Word Wednesday – All Good Things Must (Eventually) End

Outdoor Football in Toronto – Thoughts at Midseason

I’ve been an Argos fan since I was born. I’m old enough to remember watching games at the old Exhibition Stadium on the CNE grounds, and of course the Skydome era.  I’m the first to admit that the Skydome wasn’t a great place to watch football. There were some seats where you got a good… Continue reading Outdoor Football in Toronto – Thoughts at Midseason

Word Wednesday Holi-daze

As of today, there is one month left until Christmas, and only 12 days left until the beginning of Hanukkah. Tomorrow is US Thanksgiving and the traditional start to the holiday sales season happens Friday with the retail event known as Black Friday. Most of the people celebrate something in and around December / January… Continue reading Word Wednesday Holi-daze

Saying Goodbye to SkyDome

Argonotes outside gate 2 - our traditional post game concert location.

Tonight is the end of an era, albeit one that many Toronto sports fans (particularly CFL fans) have struggled with over the last 27 years.  Tonight the Toronto Argonauts play their last game at the Rogers Centre (formerly – and forever to me –  known as SkyDome). I was at the first game at SkyDome… Continue reading Saying Goodbye to SkyDome