Android Applications on my Z30

I admit to being a purist. I prefer native apps to Android ports. Built for BlackBerry apps give me the best user experience on my Z30, but apps that have been ported into BlackBerry world are a close second.  Android apps? I was reluctant to use them at first, worried about battery drain or security… Continue reading Android Applications on my Z30

Application Permissions on BlackBerry 10

With all the hubbub recently about Facebook Messenger and the myriad of permissions it requests just to be able to run in the background, I was curious as to what permissions I have given some of the apps on my BlackBerry Z30.   (Okay, the real reason I wanted to know is that I accidentally… Continue reading Application Permissions on BlackBerry 10

Blaq for BlackBerry 10

When I said that I would blog about Blaq later, I didn’t think it would be later today.  I am at BlackBerry Live in Orlando next week and I’m not bringing my laptop so I figured I should probably write the review sooner rather than later. From day 1 with my Z10, I was frustrated… Continue reading Blaq for BlackBerry 10