How my BlackBerry Passport Equals Mobile Freedom

It’s no secret that I love my BlackBerry devices. I have a BlackBerry in my hand for a good 60% of the day.  One of the things I love most about BlackBerry is how easy it makes it to work on the go. I wrote about my Blackberry Classic  and how much I loved it and the… Continue reading How my BlackBerry Passport Equals Mobile Freedom

Word Wednesday – Why I need a vacation!

Yes, that's an otter he's resting his chin on, while he plots revenge.

It seems that practically everybody I know is either on vacation, planning for a vacation, or just back from a vacation. Currently my father is in Arizona, visiting friends of his and golfing, while I’m home shoveling the seemingly never-ending snow and hanging out with the adorable but slightly neurotic Bichon Frise.

I’ve been Bobbed!

Once in awhile the universe surprises you with something so wonderful, there are no words for it. Then again, I make my living with words so I’m going to find them. I belong to some fantastic groups on BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).  One of them, Team Z30 is a group of people from around the world… Continue reading I’ve been Bobbed!

Application Permissions on BlackBerry 10

With all the hubbub recently about Facebook Messenger and the myriad of permissions it requests just to be able to run in the background, I was curious as to what permissions I have given some of the apps on my BlackBerry Z30.   (Okay, the real reason I wanted to know is that I accidentally… Continue reading Application Permissions on BlackBerry 10