Elevator Pitch

Somebody asked me today to explain, briefly, why I’m so enamoured with my BlackBerry Bold 9900. He said “pretend we’re in an elevator and you need to explain why you like it, not as a sales pitch but as someone who uses the product.” I am familiar with the concept of the elevator pitch and this is what I came up with:

My BlackBerry is a tool, not a toy. It does everything I want it to and does it in a way that works for my lifestyle. It is reliable, fast, secure, and looks awesome. I use my BlackBerry as a phone, for email, for social media, to text, to get from point A to point B with BlackBerry Traffic, and to use BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). I play games and watch videos on it too, but the primary function of my BlackBerry is to help me be productive. I can open, read, edit, and save documents and share them with friends and colleagues from the dock or from my desk. I can take amazing pictures and share them instantly. It fits my hand perfectly, isn’t too big to put in my pocket, but has a screen big enough to watch a video if I choose. The fact that I’m supporting a Canadian company is just the icing on the cake.

I wanted to add all of the awesome things I’ve heard about BlackBerry 10 and my impressions from the few times I’ve been fortunate enough to check out a Dev Alpha but until I have a BlackBerry 10 device in hand, I felt that I should speak only about what I know and that’s my Bold 9900.

Well? Why are you part of Team BlackBerry?

BlackBerry 10 - Lets do this

BlackBerry 10 – Lets do this


  1. Perfect! All true and that’s why I love my 9900 too. It is easy to show off some features quickly–themes are great. I have never met users of other devices who have themes as nice and varied as we have for our BB’s. Cut and paste is another easy one to demo as well as App Switcher, picture sharing. BB’s are fun as well as productive.

  2. I had a Z10 for a day. I upgraded but quickly realized that I had upgraded 6 months too soon. I use my Blackberry as a tool as well. I write on WordPress, do my banking, BBM, listen to podcasts(the Wallstreet Journal, NBA Today, Crackberry ect…), Blackberry Traffic, and use the Bloomberg app.
    The only 2 things I can do as well on the Z10 as I on my Curve 9360 (no tough screen) were BBM and WordPress. The apps were just not there.
    Blackberry Traffic is awesome but isn’t on the Z10. My banks app isn’t there. There isn’t a decent podcast app. While the specs are great I didn’t want to feel like I was upgrading to get a device that didn’t suit my needs. I sent the sent the Z10 and got the 9900 that I writing this reply with. It’s the best phone I have ever used or tried. Maybe in a year I’ll upgrade to the Q10, once the proper apps are on board.

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