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Hi everyone,
It’s been awhile – I’ve been busy with life and spending far too much time with my BlackBerry Z10.  The advantage of spending so much time with my Z10 is that I have a shortlist of the “Can’t miss Apps” for BlackBerry 10.  These are my favourite apps, the ones I use on a daily basis.

1) Password Keeper – This app was standard on earlier BlackBerry devices, and is a free download for the Z10.  It has all the functionality that I wrote about here but is on your BlackBerry 10 Device.

2) BlackBerry Messenger – Another old standard but one that I use daily to keep in touch with friends and family.  It’s just so convenient.  The Video chat feature on BlackBerry 10 devices allows you to do more than simply type to your contacts, you can actually see them and have a face to face conversation.

3) BlackBerry Remember – I had my doubts on how useful Remember would be.  I was so wrong.  I use it every single day.  It’s better than any other notepad app I’ve used.  It allows you to flag emails and put them into a file folder within the Remember App, but more than that, it allows you to add photos, videos, voice notes, and documents to the folder.

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I have a BlackBerry Live folder and my airline tickets, hotel confirmation, event schedule, and hotel shuttle emails are all inside that folder so that I can easily find them as I need them.You can assign due dates to items within a folder and never forget a deadline again.  You can also pull in contacts so if you are working on a project with a co-worker, you will have their contact info alongside all the information for the project.  The BlackBerry video about Remember gives a pretty awesome overview of this amazing app.

4) CrackBerry 10 – I admit it, I’m a CrackBerry addict.  I was going to the website a couple of times a day to keep up with the latest BlackBerry news.  The CrackBerry 10 app for BlackBerry 10 allows me to catch up on the latest news and reviews in a really nicely designed and user friendly manner.  To access the category feature simply tap the CB home button at the bottom of the screen in the app:

BlackBerry 10 Apps CrackberryOnce you do that, you will be greeted with a list of categories – I tend to read everything but if you only want to read reviews, it can be really helpful to go straight to the reviews category.  My favourite thing about the CrackBerry 10 app is that it’s built for BlackBerry.  I have nothing against Android ports but they don’t always work in quite the same way that apps built specifically for the BlackBerry 10 platform.

5) Blaq – The native Twitter app on the BlackBerry 10 operating system is not as good as the version I had on my Bold 9900.  I use Twitter a lot and needed something better.  I have used Blaq on my PlayBook, so when it was released for the BlackBerry 10 in late April, I eagerly downloaded it.  It took a little getting used to and I’m still discovering little gems like the ability to quote tweets. (You can only do it from inside the tweet itself, not from the main screen) I will do a full post on Blaq soon for all my Twitter addicted friends who need a solid app that works well and is stable

6) Podcasts – I’m late to the podcast party, but I love listening to them as I walk around town.  I had a few different Podcast apps on my Bold 9900 but my favourite wasn’t available for the BlackBerry Z10.  After consulting some of my fellow BlackBerry Elite members, I downloaded Podcasts for BlackBerry 10.  I love how easy and intuitive the app is to use.  It also doesn’t drain my battery the way other podcast apps have.  The selection of podcasts in the app is pretty good but you can search and manually add your favourite podcasts within the menu if they aren’t on the list.  The only complaint I’ve heard is from my friend Nick who listens to a lot of podcasts while riding his bike to and from work – he would like a feature that skips back 5 or 10 seconds in the podcast when you restart after a pause, so that you don’t miss anything.  I agree it would enhance the app but even without that feature, the app is head and shoulders above any other podcast app for BlackBerry 10.

These are my favourite (non game) apps so far.  I’m going to be testing BlackBerry Travel next week as I journey to BlackBerry Live, and I will let you know how it works on BlackBerry 10 afterwards.

What are your favourite BlackBerry 10 apps?  What app do you really want to see on the platform?

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  1. To clarify… When cycling, I have quick easy access to ONE control – the button on the headset mic. This pretty much HAS to be pause/resume. It’s also useful in one of those “hang on, what did I just miss?” moments if I can click-click to pause-and-resume-10-seconds-earlier. It’s also useful when resuming hours later to resume 10sec back to remind myself where I left off, particularly if I had to pause at an awkward moment. It’s also useful to do it 2 or 3 times to go back even further if you STILL can’t remember this bit.

    What I absolutely CANNOT do whilst cycling is get the device out, swipe to unlock, enter my password (on a touchscreen? going over bumps?), find the right app, go to “now playing”, and drag the really fiddly slider back (which also has pretty terrible granularity on long podcasts or audiobooks).

    “Skip this entire track” is also worth having, and holding a volume up/down, again without unlocking, is probably a fair way to do it, as long as this never happens by accident!

    My friend Jason is working on a truly awesome podcast app, so I’ll make sure his works like this. So far it’s visually appealing and the UI is blazingly fast, only problem is it doesn’t… actually… WORK yet 😀

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