How my BlackBerry Passport Equals Mobile Freedom

It’s no secret that I love my BlackBerry devices. I have a BlackBerry in my hand for a good 60% of the day.  One of the things I love most about BlackBerry is how easy it makes it to work on the go. I wrote about my Blackberry Classic  and how much I loved it and the… Continue reading How my BlackBerry Passport Equals Mobile Freedom

Depression, Grief, and #BellLetsTalk

Today is Bell Let’s Talk day – a day where mental health takes centre stage on Canadian social media. I’m not normally a huge fan of corporate sponsorship, but this case is a little different. Bell media has huge reach in this country – they own and operate 34 specialty channels, 2 conventional networks, 4… Continue reading Depression, Grief, and #BellLetsTalk

Blaq for BlackBerry 10

When I said that I would blog about Blaq later, I didn’t think it would be later today.  I am at BlackBerry Live in Orlando next week and I’m not bringing my laptop so I figured I should probably write the review sooner rather than later. From day 1 with my Z10, I was frustrated… Continue reading Blaq for BlackBerry 10

Apps I can’t live without.

Hi everyone, It’s been awhile – I’ve been busy with life and spending far too much time with my BlackBerry Z10.  The advantage of spending so much time with my Z10 is that I have a shortlist of the “Can’t miss Apps” for BlackBerry 10.  These are my favourite apps, the ones I use on… Continue reading Apps I can’t live without.

Initial impressions on the BlackBerry Z10

On Wednesday, January 30th, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Toronto launch for the BlackBerry 10 smartphone.  I had been eagerly anticipating the launch and was thrilled to be invited to both the party and a special pre-event for the BlackBerry Elite program.  I am very lucky to be a member of… Continue reading Initial impressions on the BlackBerry Z10