I’m All About That Case…

My Beloved Bold 9900 - as a TARDIS !

I love my BlackBerry Classic and my BlackBerry Z30 and I am very excited to be getting a BlackBerry Passport this month. What’s that? I have a phone addiction? It might be more of an obsession than an addiction, but I do love my BlackBerry devices. When I got my BlackBerry Bold 9900 years ago, one of the first things I did was get a screen protector. I didn’t want to scratch the screen or, even worse, chip it. I also made it awesome with some stickers that made it look like a TARDIS (yes, I’m a giant geek).

My Beloved Bold 9900 - as a TARDIS !
My Beloved Bold 9900 – as a TARDIS !

When I got my Z10 at launch, thanks to the BlackBerry Elite program, It had a custom back on it, with a tiny silver spark in the top right corner. I couldn’t bear to cover that up so I left it naked and put on a matte screen protector and invested in a holster to carry it around. There are a lot of great screen protectors out there –  I like the matte ones better because they don’t show fingerprints as easily.
matte screen protector

Then I got my Z30.  There wasn’t a special back on it and I actually found it a little slippery.  Thank goodness BlackBerry devices are built tough – I dropped it 3 times in the 2 days after I got it. I tried out 3 different screen protectors for my Z30 – before finally settling on the BlackBerry screen protector. It was easy to install, looks good, and works well.  I have a couple of cases for my Z30 too – one for everyday use and one for special occasions. The daily driver case is another OEM gem. I guess it stands to reason that products made by BlackBerry fit BlackBerry products well. I have the White Transform Hardshell case and I love it. It also comes in black which looks sleek and a little sexy.

Form fitting with just enough protection

I like the way the transform fits the Z30 without making it feel bulky. It gives me a little extra grip, a bit of colour and it can act as a stand when I’m watching Netflix or another video. For those times when I’m going to be using a bag or a purse, I have the black flip shell which gives me a little more protection since it covers the screen so it doesn’t get scratched by stuff in my bag. I went with basic black, though I was tempted by some non BlackBerry made cases that were more colourful. The Trident Aegis case shown below was a serious contender until I learned that it didn’t ship to Canada. (If you’re in the US though, you should seriously look at this – click the picture to go to Amazon.com – it’s really nice and comes in 4 colours and I could live vicariously through your phone case.)

I really love the colours!

When I got my Classic from “Bob”, it included a great Amzer Pudding Soft Gel Case , which I loved. Then my dad got a Classic and complained about it being hard to hold, so I lent him my beloved case and haven’t seen it since. I let him keep it because, well, he’s my dad and went looking for another case. Not being one to do things halfway, I ended up ordering two from Amazon and really like both of them. The BlackBerry Soft Shell case case is really nice and gives just enough protection to stop me from accidentally pressing buttons or turning the phone off while it’s in my pocket. The Fosmon® BlackBerry Classic Case comes in 3 different colours and also comes with a screen protector. I’m actually debating a 3rd case – the Vena® BlackBerry Classic Folio to have when I need a case that closes. I have the screen protector that came with the BlackBerry soft shell case on the phone right now and it’s doing well.

For my Passport, I asked around and got 3 very different suggestions, then looked and came up with a 4th of my own. I’m not sure which one I’m going to order yet. The first is the BlackBerry Hardshell Passport Black case– It looks good, is thin and has the BlackBerry logo on the back (which I really like). The second contender is the GMYLE Wallet Case because I loved the transform case’s ability to stand up, this one is a real contender. I’m not sure I’d use the wallet slots though. I’m also considering the BlackBerry Leather Flex Shell Case , again because of the stand option and this one doesn’t have the card slots but it does come with a screen protector. The 4th option is the Seidio® SURFACE Case -I think the colour is gorgeous and have heard great things about Seidio cases. There is an optional holster attachment for this one but I’m not convinced I’ll be wearing the Passport. I’m putting pictures of the 4 contenders below, with links to the full descriptions on Amazon. Help a girl out… which case (or cases) should I get for my new addition?

The Hardshell looks very sleek and you can see the BlackBerry Logo

The wallet flips up into a stand

The BlackBerry flex case sure looks nice

I adore the royal blue colour and have heard great things about Seidio


  1. Jenn they are all awesome! However, I MUST vote OEM hard shell simply because of the blackberry logo.
    I get sooooooo many compliments and questions about the passport. Seriously….be prepared, because it truly is an attention getter!
    But even with the attention I think having that logo on the back makes it really stick into people’s minds. They see it and they say “Wow! Is that the new Blackberry?”
    I can’t wait for you to get your Passport so you can see exactly what I’m talking about!

    Also another case to consider is the Ringke Fusion Case. It’s a silicone case but unlike any silicone I’ve ever bought. It’s incredibly thick and protective, and very firm, not at all flimsy. I was worried that it would get scratched and cloudy but it has stayed completely crystal clear after months of use! and the icing on the cake? It’s clear so you can see your blackberry logo clear as day! For 10.99 you can’t beat it!

    I also LOVE that Sedio case. The blue is really pretty and sharp! Just wish it had a cut out for the logo!
    Good luck with your case decision!!!

    1. Maybe carefully cut it out yourself? That would be awesome. I love my hard shell for the same reason – it looks sleek and I and others can see the logo. 😀

  2. Jenn, why must you do this? Get me all antsy about cases only for me to end up with a naked device. Nice selections though and I will pass them on. I’d be curious to know which Passport you go with. Let us know. 😉

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