Blaq for BlackBerry 10

When I said that I would blog about Blaq later, I didn’t think it would be later today.  I am at BlackBerry Live in Orlando next week and I’m not bringing my laptop so I figured I should probably write the review sooner rather than later. From day 1 with my Z10, I was frustrated… Continue reading Blaq for BlackBerry 10

Ten Things you need to know about your BlackBerry

Since I started this blog, I’ve met a lot of other members of Team BlackBerry.  One of the things that constantly astounds me is how few people regularly back up their BlackBerry handheld devices.  I learned the hard way about backing up my BlackBerry – earlier this year I managed to brick my Bold 9900… Continue reading Ten Things you need to know about your BlackBerry

Synchronizing Calendars between devices

I’ve been a little quiet on here lately, mostly because I’ve been busy giving BlackBerry Traffic a workout!  A friend who has recently purchased a PlayBook asked  me a question via Twitter today about syncing his BlackBerry calendar with the calendar on the PlayBook.  I synched them as soon as I got my PlayBook in… Continue reading Synchronizing Calendars between devices