She’s Connected and my BlackBerry

You know what I absolutely love hearing when showing off my Bold 9900?  “Wow, I didn’t know a BlackBerry could do THAT“.  I heard that a lot this weekend at the She’s Connected Conference in Toronto.  Mostly it was the simple things like the fact that managing multiple accounts in the Native Twitter Application is so easy.  Or that I could remote control my PlayBook from my Bold 9900 (to be honest, that was me showing off because I had the bluetooth keyboard for the PlayBook and was perfectly capable of typing on that but I like the wow factor of the remote control).  I loved meeting so many fellow BlackBerry devotees and being able to help them use their devices more easily.  It’s not rocket science but there are tips and tricks that will enhance your experience as a member of Team BlackBerry.

Bold 9900 - BlackBerry Bold - TARDIS berry
My BlackBerry Bold 9900

The one question everyone seemed to ask me was if I was excited about the upcoming release of the BlackBerry 10 devices and operating system.  The answer to that was an unequivocal YES!  I am very excited about BlackBerry 10 and can’t wait until it is released!  I still don’t know how I’m going to get a BlackBerry 10 device into my hot little hands but rest assured, it will be done.  I have friends who are developers for BlackBerry and their excitement at what the BB10 OS can do has rubbed off on me.    I truly believe that there is a core market of BlackBerry users who may have switched to another platform who are waiting for an excuse to come back to the BlackBerry fold.  I believe that the BlackBerry 10 Operating System will be the thing to bring them back.  I spoke to quite a few people who either had been BlackBerry users in the past or who were simply curious about the new product launch.  A number of them were at the end of their cell phone contracts and were eligible for a new device, either now or at the beginning of the year.  After chatting with me, many of them are waiting to see what BlackBerry 10 has to offer before deciding what phone to get. I wasn’t out to strong arm people into becoming members of Team BlackBerry but I wanted people to give it a chance.

BlackBerry isn’t for everyone.  If you want a smartphone to game on, then this isn’t the right solution for you.  However, if you want your phone to work FOR you, and WITH you then you need to consider BlackBerry.  I primarily use my BlackBerry for social media, emails, as a gps, as a camera, and *gasp* to make and receive phone calls  Yes I have a number of very entertaining apps and games, but they’re not the reason I chose my BlackBerry.  I have far more games on my 64 gb PlayBook.

BlackBerry PlayBook - Bluetooth Keyboard - PlayBook - BlackBerry
My PlayBook

Not once all conference did i wish I had a different phone.  My Bold 9900 had no issues connecting to the wifi, releasing the cached wifi info page so I could log in again on the second day, or with maintaining a battery charge throughout the conference.  I don’t want to have to carry around a charger for my phone because it won’t last 10 hours.  I was having too much fun trying to meet up with twitter friends to be hunting for somewhere to plug in my phone.

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  1. so then, with the future of a new BB, are you selling the old one or getting rid of it?
    Also, do you know about Playbook? Again….so lost. This is similar to how I felt the day I first drove my mom-wagon (minivan)

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