Synchronizing Calendars between devices

I’ve been a little quiet on here lately, mostly because I’ve been busy giving BlackBerry Traffic a workout!  A friend who has recently purchased a PlayBook asked  me a question via Twitter today about syncing his BlackBerry calendar with the calendar on the PlayBook.  I synched them as soon as I got my PlayBook in December, so naturally I went to the help on the PlayBook to get him an answer.  The steps there will get your calendars synched but the instructions are a tad confusing.  Here’s the easy way of doing it.

Step 1: Connect your PlayBook and your BlackBerry using BlackBerry Bridge.

Step 2:  On your Playbook, in the top right corner is an icon that looks like a cog:  it will take you to the settings.

Step 3:  In the Settings page, there will be a bunch of options on the left hand side.  Select Accounts and then “Email, Calendar and Contacts”.

Step 4:  Select “Add New Account”

Step 5:  Enter the email address you use for your BlackBerry Handheld device Calendar.

*Repeat the above steps to add another calendar, if you have more than 1 on your Smartphone

Step 6: Go to the Calendar application on your playbook and add the calendar(s) to it.

Step 7: From the drop down menu, select the new calendar.

You have now successfully synched your PlayBook and BlackBerry Handheld Calendars.  Remember to use BlackBerry Bridge to keep both your Handheld and your PlayBook Calendars on the same page!

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