Random thoughts on a CFL standard

I know a lot of CFL teams have at least one “football 101” day for women to learn about football.  Today, as I was explaining some of the basics of the game to a friend, I wondered why they don’t have the same thing for men.  Are men supposed to just know about football?  is there something in the Y chromosome that makes them know all about football?  What about recent immigrants from countries where there is no football tradition?  I don’t know how well it would go over but I’m thinking there might be a demand, even as part of the game day for a team.  In one of the commercial time outs, instead of some inane promo thing, (or even after one of the short ones), show a play or a formation on the scoreboard and explain it.   I think that you’d get more people coming back to games if they knew what was going on on the field.

I had a friend from high school, a very smart woman, who when watching her first live CFL game asked “where’s the yellow line” – referring of course to the line that is generally added by television to show where the first down is.  Naturally since this line is added in production, you can’t see it in the stadium.  Her boyfriend at the time (now her husband), nearly choked himself laughing.  It’s not that it was a dumb question but it was one he had never thought of, having watched very few games on TV.  Everyone coming to the CFL for the first time is going to have questions.  Simple things such as what a first down is.  Why a team is kicking a field goal when they are, what a 2 point convert is, onside kicks, simple offensive and defensive formations, man versus zone defensive schemes.

What about you, football fans?  what else would you love to know more about?

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