I love heading to the cottage.  Not the drive but just the act of actively getting away from it all.  It’s not that I don’t love life in Kitchener but I feel more relaxed at the lake.  I’m generally doing as many (if not more) things up there than I am in the city but I can drop any of them and go for a swim if i feel like it.  Now that’s freedom.    I generally get chewed by the mosquitoes (and if I’m really unlucky, the deer flies),  but other than that I enjoy hanging out with the local wildlife – the chipmunks, minnows, and even Snappy – the 60+ year old snapping turtle who teaches people not to leave fish on the dock by eating them.

My grandfather built the cottage 50 years ago this year.  A lot has happened there.  I have spent time almost every year of my life at my beloved cottage.  Yet, times change.  Mum’s growing mobility issues will soon force us to sell the cottage and find a more level lot.  I will be sad to say goodbye to the cottage but also happy to have one that the whole family can enjoy.

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