Word Wednesday – Autumnal thoughts

I took this photo last year - and it wasn't even at the height of the colours yet!

Fall has arrived and with it fall weather – which is awesome (with the exception of leaves – which aren’t so awesome when  you’re highly allergic to leaf mold like I am). Cooler days and cool nights mean I’m sleeping better and can actually walk the dog in the middle of the day when he… Continue reading Word Wednesday – Autumnal thoughts

Word Wednesday – Be the Duck

Speaking of ducks, this one has been spending a lot of time at the cottage.

This is the 4th Word Wednesday post I’ve started to write this week – hence why it’s being finished on a Thursday – the others will come out when the time is right, but they just didn’t work right now. Summer is in full swing, it’s been blisteringly hot, and I’m feeling a distinct lack… Continue reading Word Wednesday – Be the Duck

Word Wednesday: Burning The Candle at Both Ends

I suppose this won’t come as a surprise to those who know me well, but I’m at the stage of the summer where I’m just about done – both physically and mentally.  It seems that every time I plan on a few days of R &R, something comes up. Sure there’s the cottage, and I… Continue reading Word Wednesday: Burning The Candle at Both Ends

Word Wednesday – Fortune’s Favour


I’ve been AWOL of late – and for that I apologize. Depression and grief took hold for a while, and then things got really busy for a while, and then I felt so guilty about not writing that I couldn’t write. It’s a vicious circle. I decided today, though, that I should write something and… Continue reading Word Wednesday – Fortune’s Favour

Word Wednesday – In search of the ghost of Tom Thompson

The trees seem to just grow out of the bare rocks. There is so little soil that I'm constantly amazed more don't topple over into the lake.

It’s been a busy week around here. I spent most of the day Thursday and all day Friday and Saturday getting ready for Dad’s 60th birthday party at the cottage. Thursday I put in a full 8 hours of work writing for clients, packed the car for dad and the dog to leave for the… Continue reading Word Wednesday – In search of the ghost of Tom Thompson