Stupid Driver Tricks

I may not be the best driver in the world.  Occasionally I speed.  I have been known to get impatient with other drivers when they cut me off.  I have also been known to use my brake pedal to tell other drivers where to go in Morse Code when they’re tailgating me (I know most people don’t know Morse Code but it makes me feel better.)  I do however feel entitled to feel superior to the 2 special drivers I encountered today.  The first bit of insanity came as I was driving to the game – A merge lane was coming to an end and large SUV was barreling down the shoulder.  I had no choice but to let him in, otherwise I would have been hit.  When traffic is  stopped because of an accident, don’t drive up the paved shoulder and then forcibly edge into the queue.  I was tempted to let him hit me, but I was already running late and can’t really afford a new car right now. 


This incident paled in comparison to the 2nd one.  On the way home from the game, I was on the 427 northbound, north of the 401 split.  I was in the left lane, and there was  a car in the middle lane and a truck in the right lane.  I noticed that the car in the middle lane was drifting into my lane.  I honked and the car straightened out.  I don’t like driving close to people who do unpredictable things, so I went to pass the car.  It was then that I noticed that the driver was WATCHING A DVD as she was driving !  She was the only passenger in the car and the DVD player was set up on the dashboard!  I was flabbergasted!  Who does that?  And where are the police when you need them?  In hindsight I should have called 911 but I wasn’t sure if this qualified as an emergency.  Instead I got as far away from her as possible and got home in one piece. 

Are people really that stupid? If texting and driving is illegal (as it should be ) then watching a DVD is definitely illegal and dangerous!

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