In addition to his full-time job, dad runs a consulting business.  I help out with IT and some other stuff as needed.  One of these “as needed” things was to find a small business plan to put the company onto with Rogers wireless.  3 Blackberries, about 300-400 minutes a month (total), and 1 Gb of data – pretty simple right?  Wrong.  45 minutes on the phone with Rogers did nothing but increase my blood pressure and my desire to reach out through the phone and throttle someone.

We already have 2/3 blackberries and are buying the other one outright – there’s no need to lock into a 3 year contract.    Yet the woman on the other end of the line kept saying “you must get all new phones with contract”.  Why?  We already have *new* Blackberries why do we need to get more?    I spelled out the needs (again) and was told there was no plan that suited them.  huh?  Really Rogers?  Is that the best you can do?  I am not giving up though – on Monday (because I need time to gear myself up for this), I’m going to go into my local Rogers store and try again.   The next time I get the urge to call up customer service at Rogers, I think I’ll beat my head against a brick wall – it’s probably just as effective.

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