Word Wednesday – Para what?

As I wrote in an August Word Wednesday Post, I love the Olympic and Paralympic games. I love the way entire countries rise up behind their athletes and how small acts of kindness between athletes make you realize that even in the heat of competition, people are inclined to help one another. One of the… Continue reading Word Wednesday – Para what?

Word Wednesday – Escape

The pool - with the windows to the rooftop patio. Credit Ann Bacciaglia

Even though I work (at least partially) alongside the education system, I don’t really go “back to school”. Still, it’s a new beginning – and as the song says “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”. So Labour Day has just passed, and summer is coming to a close and every store has… Continue reading Word Wednesday – Escape

Word Wednesday – Fortune’s Favour


I’ve been AWOL of late – and for that I apologize. Depression and grief took hold for a while, and then things got really busy for a while, and then I felt so guilty about not writing that I couldn’t write. It’s a vicious circle. I decided today, though, that I should write something and… Continue reading Word Wednesday – Fortune’s Favour