Travel Tuesday #JennDoesTheCapital (part II)

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My last #JennDoesTheCapital post was predominantly about the beer – and though I enjoyed quite a few very nice beers over the course of my trip, they weren’t the focus of the next few days. After my exciting trip into the city, and the Beer Clock with dinner, I was ready for bed. Driving is… Continue reading Travel Tuesday #JennDoesTheCapital (part II)

Word Wednesday – Decaf edition

From my friend Karyn Pickles' Coffee Hymns collection on Facebook.

All my life I’ve been a tea drinker. There are pictures of me with tea in my bottle (thanks grandma!) and with my British heritage, not drinking tea wasn’t an option. I came to coffee very late in the game. I was well into my 30s before I could stand the taste of non-specialty coffee.… Continue reading Word Wednesday – Decaf edition