Word Wednesday – On Facing my Fears

A panorama I took before we went to get our skis.

I’m an overthinker. I like to weigh out decisions carefully, and make the best possible choice and even then I often second guess myself. I’m the person you want to plan your hike because I’ll have come up with solutions to problems that most people haven’t even considered.  I’m pretty self-aware about this though, so… Continue reading Word Wednesday – On Facing my Fears

Word Wednesday – Escape

The pool - with the windows to the rooftop patio. Credit Ann Bacciaglia

Even though I work (at least partially) alongside the education system, I don’t really go “back to school”. Still, it’s a new beginning – and as the song says “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”. So Labour Day has just passed, and summer is coming to a close and every store has… Continue reading Word Wednesday – Escape