Word Wednesday – All Good Things Must (Eventually) End

Pregame Shenanigans

It’s no secret that change is hard for me. I like the familiar, I find comfort in routine. I’m an introvert by every definition of the word so I don’t like big groups of new people so once I’ve joined a social activity, I’m likely to stick to it because the initial investment was so… Continue reading Word Wednesday – All Good Things Must (Eventually) End

Thinking about Thinking Day (Founder’s Day)

Some of the Guiding pins I've earned over the years.

This past Monday, February 22nd, was a special day for members of Boy Scouts and Girl Guides / Girl Scouts worldwide. February 22nd is the shared birthday of the founders of Scouting and Guiding – Lord and Lady Baden-Powell – and is commemorated as Thinking Day in the Girl Guide / Girls Scout world and… Continue reading Thinking about Thinking Day (Founder’s Day)

Only Children…

Some recent news articles have made me think  about my status as an only child.  My mum, asked me a few months ago whether I felt left out because I was an only child.   I didn’t then and I don’t now.  I loved being an only child.  I’m sure I would have loved siblings too… Continue reading Only Children…