Word Wednesday: I’m a Logophile and I’m Okay

This button pretty much says it all

First off, I’m sorry if I gave you a Monty Python earworm with the title. Actually no, I’m not sorry since the lumberjack song is one of my favourite Monty Python songs and if you haven’t heard it you need to go and click on the link right now. Go ahead, I’ll wait. It isn’t… Continue reading Word Wednesday: I’m a Logophile and I’m Okay

Word Wednesday: Circular Logic

Squirrel! Wait... what was I saying?

It should come as no surprise that I subscribe to two different “word of the day” emails – I love language and jump at any chance I get to expand my vocabulary. Sometimes I already know the “word of the day”, and other times they’re so obscure I can’t find a use for it in… Continue reading Word Wednesday: Circular Logic

Word Wednesday Part IV

My view from the Press Box for the 2012 Grey Cup pregame ceremony.

So I’m feeling a bit of pressure here. I’m told that the fourth installment of a series should be the best. Many of my geeky friends argue that the fourth Star Wars (Episode IV: A New Hope, which was actually the first one released… so now I’m not sure if it fits my point) is… Continue reading Word Wednesday Part IV