Outdoor Fun In Ontario’s Lake Country with #LetsGoMaple

A panorama I took before we went to get our skis.

Last week I wrote about all the indoor fun I had exploring Ontario’s Lake Country on the #LetsGoMaple retreat. Between the absolutely amazing food, the table gaming lessons, the pool, the king size bed, and the chance to explore a local museum, I had a wonderful time just being inside! A big part of the… Continue reading Outdoor Fun In Ontario’s Lake Country with #LetsGoMaple

Word Wednesday #BlissDom Canada ’15 edition

My favourite tree in the fall - Love the red and yellow!

It’s no secret that I’m an introvert by nature.  I like people and once I’m comfortable with you, I’ll never shut up, but groups of people, make me seriously nervous. I get overwhelmed and then all I can think about is running away and hiding in a corner. Give me a group big enough that… Continue reading Word Wednesday #BlissDom Canada ’15 edition