Word Wednesday – Let’s talk!

Yep. This is it.

I’ve written before about my introverted nature and how I can actually be very shy in social situations, but to those who know me well, I’m a chatterbox. I always have been. If I’m talking your ear off, it means I’m comfortable with the situation I’m in. I’ve found that since mum died, I’m less talkative, and don’t feel the need to fill the silence with idle talk, but I still have my moments.  One of the ways my introversion shows itself is that I hate small talk. I’m happy  to talk to people about big ideas but not about things like the weather. If I ask you about your day, it’s because I actually care about what you say, not because I’m performing a social nicety.

It’s funny, because I would never have guessed that I am an introvert, but by the classic definition of an introvert I am. I can handle myself in crowds, and even enjoy social occasions, but I need alone time to recharge. If I have too many days where I’m surrounded by people, it affects my sleep and my mood. Even a few hours on my own or with one or two friends instead of a crowd will put me in a much better headspace. Like the meme says, Introverts Unite! (Separately, in your own homes). It’s so true. I love social media because I can control how much socializing I do. Plus it’s behind a computer, which makes things easier.


Yep. This is it.


All of this makes my Word Wednesday choice somewhat ironic (in the sense that it’s contradictory to what one would expect from an introvert). One of my favourite words to say and write, has to do with one of the things in life that I enjoy the least. To confabulate  means to talk informally – small talk in other words.



I’m back to the Latin roots with this word, and to one of my favourite Latin words to boot: fabula – meaning story. This is also the root from whence we get the word fable. (Side note, I’m going to have to look into the word ‘whence’ at some point.) It’s surprising that this word isn’t used more often, since it’s kind of awesome. Instead of saying “let’s talk”, you can say “let’s confabulate”. I think I’m going to start using it more often, simply because I can.


Confabulate (con·fab·u·late ) noun

  1. to talk informally or casually (chat)
  2. to hold a discussion.

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  1. Another terrific word!

    I am actually loquacious by nature so confabulation comes easily.

    Often, though, while I am attempting to confabulate, people will be expounding about their lives. Perfect strangers!

    Sometimes I think I must have an invisible sign that reads “tell me all about you” on my forehead and people who need to speak, feel free. 😉

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