2 am ramblings

Tonight, I tried to fill my head with beauty to mitigate the horror my mind is imagining to go along with the news stories I read. I worked a holiday concert for a local Montessori school – over 150 children singing and making music and generally being children – which helped a bit. After that… Continue reading 2 am ramblings

Sponsorship Questions

I’ve been invited to attend the She’s Connected Conference in Toronto in September.  I’m really excited to go because I want to learn how to make my blog and Twitter and Facebook accounts more relevant.  In the last few days the excitement has started to be co-mingled with  trepidation (yes it’s a $20 word but… Continue reading Sponsorship Questions


Life is unfair sometimes.  I am an adult and I get that concept.  What I don’t understand is why my friend Mishi is being dealt such a crap hand by the universe right now.   Her beautiful 2-year-old daughter, Stella has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.  She is going to die and it will be… Continue reading Unfair


the past week has been exhausting both mentally and physically – how does my body choose to react to the stress?  By making sure I get less than 5 hours of sleep a night.  Sometimes I think my body is engaged in an all out war with itself.  I’m working tomorrow and have band rehearsal… Continue reading exhaustion