Daddy’s Little Girl

I am my father’s daughter and I’m damn proud of it.  My dad never shied away from teaching me about sports because of my gender, in fact it became something the two of us had in common when I was a teenager and most of my friends had no real relationship with their dads.   Dad… Continue reading Daddy’s Little Girl

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on women and football

Okay this has been a few days in the writing.  Earlier this week I had the unfortunate experience of being talked down to by a misogynist asshole.  He told me that “football is too complex a sport for the female mind to understand”.  Yes that’s a direct quote, and no I didn’t kick him in… Continue reading on women and football

on the loss of a friend

I lost a friend tonight. Not just a friend but an ally. She took her own life because she couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now here’s where I do the unconventional thing – I’m going to rant and rail at my friend. How dare she be so selfish? Didn’t she… Continue reading on the loss of a friend

Hello world!

I never thought I’d blog.. but sometimes I need to get my thoughts down in some sort of organized manner.  This seemed worth a try.  so welcome to my mind.

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