Why I’m Retiring the GPS

I don’t actually have a GPS but my parents do, as do a lot of my friends, so when I’m going somewhere where there’s a good possibility of my getting horribly, horribly lost (*cough* Hamilton *cough*) I borrow someone’s GPS to ensure I make it back home.  I’ve managed to make out decently well with… Continue reading Why I’m Retiring the GPS

Synchronizing Calendars between devices

I’ve been a little quiet on here lately, mostly because I’ve been busy giving BlackBerry Traffic a workout!  A friend who has recently purchased a PlayBook asked  me a question via Twitter today about syncing his BlackBerry calendar with the calendar on the PlayBook.  I synched them as soon as I got my PlayBook in… Continue reading Synchronizing Calendars between devices

Why my loyalty isn’t going anywhere

In case you couldn’t tell from the title of my blog, I’m a BlackBerry fan.  I have tried iphones and Androids and while they were a lot of fun, my infatuation usually only lasted a month or two.  I’ve had my Bold 9900 for a year now.  A year of bad press for Research In… Continue reading Why my loyalty isn’t going anywhere

The Camera Question Part II – PlayBook Edition

One of the best features of my BlackBerry PlayBook is its portability.  I didn’t want a tablet I’d need a separate bag to lug around.  I wanted something truly portable.  With its 7 inch display, the PlayBook fits in my purse, meaning I can take it pretty much anywhere I go.  Case in Point –… Continue reading The Camera Question Part II – PlayBook Edition

How my Playbook saved the evening.

I was visiting my parents last weekend and one evening, we were bored.  There was nothing on TV and we were all talked out.  Yes we have tons of DVDs but there wasn’t one that we could all agree on.  That’s when my inspiration struck.  I got out my Playbook, connected it to the wireless… Continue reading How my Playbook saved the evening.